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UI/UX Design Agency in Dubai.

UX Design

Brand Blossom is the leading UI/UX Design company in Dubai. We deliver amazing products and services to our clients. The company is an independent design agency that combines ideas with experience, passion, and enthusiasm to create innovative design solutions.

We strive to create intuitive and creative web, mobile, and product applications at Brand Blossom. Our designs are contemporary and appealing, and they will help your digital products stand out while meeting business objectives. We believe that a brand is more than just a logo; it is a set of values.

Two crucial elements of software development are capturing business requirements and incorporating the appropriate features. However, without the right UI and UX approach, your efforts could be rendered a failure. UX and UI design are critical to the success of any software product.


A Dubai-based UX/UX Design Agency that creates beautiful user interfaces and experiences for businesses of all sizes.


We believe that effective solutions are born from data and insight, so as a creative UI/UX design company, we take the time to learn about your goals, ask the right questions to understand your company, build a bond with your users, understand your competition, and the challenges or prospects you're looking to solve.


Recognizing what motivates your customers or users, as well as where these motivations intersect with your business objectives, aids us in determining the best path to engagement. We create success roadmaps based on data-driven user and market research, as well as our extensive experience.


The importance of good design in the business world cannot be overstated. Our design-thinking leadership process is ingrained in our company's culture. To create simple and memorable experiences for your users and customers, our designers combine their design and business skills with your industry knowledge.


Our product design process is flexible enough to work with any level of complexity, from mobile to desktop applications. Open communication, collaboration, and transparency are values that we hold dear. Our project management capabilities are flexible and agile, ensuring that each project is completed on time, on budget, and according to specifications.

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A summation of the steps for Brand Blossom’s UI and UX Design


  • Profiling of users
  • Creation of scenarios and story boarding
  • Case studies
  • Evaluation and Screening

Brand Blossom’s UI/UX design process

We rely on a thorough design process as a highly-skilled UI/UX design services company in Dubai.

Profiling of Users

The first step in creating a successful user-centered design is to identify and research the people who will be using the app, or end-users. It's critical to consider users as individuals

Scenario creation and storyboarding

The app's flow will then be clearly defined by our UX/UI designers, making user interaction and navigation a breeze. Now that we've identified the various types of intended user groups, we can create scenarios based on their app usage.

Evaluation and screening

This is the final and perhaps most important step in achieving user-centered design success. We need to collect useful feedback from users and use it to improve the app.

Conversion Rates

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Evoke emotional reactions with an innovative Mobile App

Choose Your Package

Basic Mobile App Design Package

AED 29
  • 3 Different App Screen Designs
  • App logo with app icons and presentation
  • Splash screen animations
  • 2 rewrites Maximum
  • Color Choices
  • Custom Work in All Formats

Standard Mobile App Design Package

AED 39
  • 5 Different App Screen Designs
  • App logo with app icons and presentation
  • Splash screen animations
  • 5 rewrites Maximum
  • Color Choices
  • Custom Work in All Formats

Mobile Professional App Design

AED 59
  • 8 Different App Screen Designs
  • App logo with app icons and presentation
  • Splash screen animations
  • Revisions are unlimited.
  • Color Choices
  • All formats are 100% custom work.

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UI/UX Design FAQs

With UX Services, we follow the agile methodology with regular scrums in the majority of cases. This means we are adaptive and flexible to your requirements. If you have a project that requires it, we can change this.

Brand Blossom offers an extensive team of dedicated UI/UX designers to help you create a smooth user experience. With our diverse range of experts, we can customize your product or service according to the need and requirements of your company.

UI and UX design are difficult to master. Based on your feedback, it’s almost certain that we’ll need to make changes. This is, in fact, a positive result. We ask that you be honest with us and give us feedback on the designs we present; our first attempt may not knock your socks off, but our second submission, after receiving your feedback, will be everything you need and more

Brand Blossom offers a comprehensive UI/UX strategy. For us, UI/UX design is a means to an end—more sales, clicks, subscriptions, shares, and everything else. Finally, we have a team of experts who practice art as a hobby and a profession; we give it our all because, at the end of the day, it’s our brand on your image, and we want to see you shine! Better yet, we give it our all!